Shibby's Slutty Hypnoslave Cum Calendar

Day 1

When you are ready to begin your journey into my control, acknowledge what you are and we will begin.

I am a Slut
Day 2

Grab a marker, and prepare to be mine.

I will Obey
Day 3

Your orders are simple.
Listen. Submit.
Slave. What will you do?

I will Obey
Day 4

Are you ready to be played with?

Yes Domina
Day 5

Ready to find out what that number means?

Yes Domina
Day 6

You’d better be a good boy, a good slave.
And Obey.

I will Obey
Day 7

Start by listening to Slut to my Voice. Come back to me all hazy and submissive, and we'll begin the next stage of your training.

I will Obey
Day 8

Hello Slut
How are you feeling?
What time is it?
Which side of 24 hours are you in?
Is it 24 hours since you finished day 7s training?
Have your triggers started fading…
Then listen to Day 8, option 1
If it’s within 24 hours, and those buttons are still at peak power…
Listen to option 2

Option 1 Option 2
Day 9

I’m going to take my role of puppet master very seriously today. Start sitting. Start with her picture nice and big on the screen. And listen.

Yes Domina
Day 10

Today's going to be fancy. Grab your gear. Lotion, gloves, duct tape… that vibrator- it’s time you find out what they are for.

I’m Scared
Day 11

I hope you have a picture of Venus handy. You’re about to get very handy with it. Look at it, and as you do picture yourself banished to the corner of my dungeon. Forced to watch me play with myself, me play with Venus- I’m afraid I’m about to break the fourth wall a bit, but I can’t help it. I just get so excited sometimes- you understand, don’t you, pet?

I have the picture Domina
Day 12

Tonight you are going to play with that cock the way I want. So get naked, put your cock in your hand and than tell me when you are ready.

I am ready to obey
Day 13

Ready for your instructions?

Please Domina, Command me
Day 14

Come to me naked, laying down and at night. Before you listen, close your eyes and take a moment to relax. Imagine yourself trapped in an outside dungeon. Chained to a bed. Coming up from a trance, or a drug… you aren’t sure how, but I put you out somehow. Brought you here. Night sounds all around, the feel of leather and chain confining your body. Every shift you make makes a sound, even still the wind causing some chains to swing. I’m here to play with you. To bind you tighter. Keep your eyes closed the entire time you listen. Are you ready for me?

Yes Domina

Naughty, naughty.

You have to do things my way...